Kitchen renovation in Hawthorn East

Bringing the outside, inside – A seamless integration

In addition to updating a dilapidated and out-of-date kitchen, Charlotte and David were keen to create a minimalist space that brought the outside in through the use of specialist glass splashbacks. “We needed a new kitchen that was ultra-functional, visually pleasing, spacious and in sympathy with surroundings,” said Charlotte. “The challenge for Josh and Dmitri was to provide splashbacks that were not only functional, but met our requirements for a seamless transition between the kitchen and bamboo garden outside.” The glass splashbacks needed to wrap around a new 3-metre picture window and not only provide functional outcomes, but create the appearance of the outside coming inside – so making the kitchen and outdoor bamboo garden appear to be one. As part of this, they needed to minimise visible joins and angles between glass sheets and where required, blend or mitre them so the transition between glass sheets was almost invisible.
Out of the wide selection provided, Charlotte decided on dark grey antique mirror. Measured and cut in a precision manner the panels were sent off to get silvered involving an additional distressing process to make it look aged. The panels was fitted with meticulous care paying great attention to fine details such as glass joins to blend with the flow of the picture window. “We were very impressed with not only the quality of materials, but the absolute meticulous care they took on installation. Josh and Dmitri are indeed perfectionists.
The end result provided the integration of inside and outside and with the splashbacks fitted on adjacent walls, the kitchen appears substantially larger and more open. “The wall cabinets, once a dominant feature, now appear to blend and ‘float’ along the wall – giving the feeling of openness and space,” added Charlotte. The splashbacks were also installed on adjacent walls, ensuring uniformity. “The splashback installation around the kitchen give the remarkable feeling of space. Indeed, with the under cabinet lighting, it looks as though they run for miles!” At night, and at low light, the kitchen is, in the words of Charlotte. ‘..both beautiful and tranquil – creating a lovely ambience.’ “Friends have commented that my kitchen is a work of art. I certainly agree that my original vision of the kitchen design has been more than realised with the splashbacks being a critical component of the look. We could not be happier with the outcome.”

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