Shower screens: materials, finishes & installation

As with our glass splashbacks, we engage the same level of quality, care and consideration in the selection of materials and the installation of each and every frameless glass shower screen.

1. Glass selection

Australian Standard toughened glass is always our choice. As client budgets’ vary, we do offer two choices – neither of which impacts on overall quality and durability.

Clear glass: Our clear glass has a natural green hue throughout its composition that some clients prefer to completely transparent glass. For many, it also blends more effortlessly with their bathroom décor.

Starphire Glass: Our premium frameless shower screen option – Starphire, has a lower iron content in its composition making the finish crystal clear and adding an almost invisible look to the glass shower screen.

2. Hardware

We have a wide range of hardware and hardware finishes to suit even the most discerning clients. From brackets, hinges, handles and door knobs – they are available in highly-polished and satin finished chrome as well as electroplated black – an increasingly popular choice.

For those that really want to make a statement with their finishes, we can also provide electroplated white, antique brass, brushed brass, grey mirror finish, gold, rose gold and other options.

While our fitting finishes are not only stunning to look at, they are also rugged in construction so they will keep the shower screen looking beautiful and functioning efficiently for many years.

3. Installation
As with our glass splashbacks, we engage an installation process that leaves nothing to chance.

While we have a traditional and indeed professional method of installation, we also have the skills and flexibility to adapt to a client’s specific and tailored requirements.

Whichever way we conduct the installation, it is always of the highest quality from millimetre perfect glass cutting and meticulous sheet placement, to sealing and fitting adjustment that ensures perfect operation.

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